Does outlawing controlled substances only create a larger black market?

Talking about drugs, we always come either to the point of legalization or to imposing a complete ban on dangerous substances. Today we have different sorts of control measures aimed to monitor and regulate production, import, and retail of drugs. Nevertheless, smuggling is as active as always, and governmental control does not help to get rid of the illegal drug trade. But outlawing or legalization would do no good either.
Better control and licensing of drugs and sellers is the only way to suppress the black market. Anyway, people will keep searching for prescription drugs, and outlawing them will automatically push them to the black market. In case of a thorough regulation, at least some of them would refer to authorized sellers.
People need controlled substances for different reasons, and not all of them deserve a criminal record. And those looking for drugs with their prescriptions have to buy them from a licensed seller.

At what age should girls have access to birth control without the consent of their parents?

Sexual education and birth control are always hot topics in the conservative American society. Despite having sex seems okay in this country, sexual education and accessibility of contraceptives raise concerns in population. By all possible means, we try to discourage children from having sex instead of giving them contraceptives and teaching how to use them properly.
Girls are most vulnerable to the lack of contraceptives because they risk getting not only STDs but also an unwanted pregnancy in the result of unsafe sex. That is why teenage girls (boys too) shall always have an access to contraceptives without a consent of parents of guardians. Confidentiality is important to teens and there is no need to violate it. Teaching children about safe sex, parents and teachers make sure that teenagers will do considerate and informed choices starting their sexual activity.

Is Gothic architecture really obscure?

Speaking of Gothic, we usually imply people wearing black, ancient barbaric tribes, or anything dark and mysterious. Actually, such was the atmosphere before the Renaissance succeeded Middle Ages with their wars, famine, and plague. With the appearance of Gothic literature, the world inevitably implied a kind of horror mixed with romance. That was how we used to treat Gothic castles as obscure and mysterious objects.
In fact, Gothic architecture was designed to bring life to lives of people or, at least, in their churches. High ceilings, slender pillars, and huge stained-glass windows totally transformed churches. Ornamentation was exuberant, and the exterior of buildings looked grand and pompous as for Medieval Times. The church became a powerful political institute back then, and the investment in churches of a new type was a must. That was how tall and bright Gothic buildings appeared all over Europe.

Why should we go to opera in XXI century?

Opera looks like an entertainment for old ladies by default. Young people prefer to visit some contemporary art exhibitions, concerts, or parties. Opera does not only look old – it is ancient indeed. But it is not enough for us to ignore this grand and so much humane art.
Whether we like classical arts or not, opera can be more interesting to us than we think. It contains some comedy, some tragedy, and a lot of drama that we like so much. Collisions between actors are always familiar as most opera plots are twisted around the common life problems.
Another great thing we can get in opera is music. Opera singers are by all means talented and grandiose – something you do not always see on TV. Besides, classical music alone is worth visiting opera house already. And last, opera is absolutely different entertainment than the popular art we live in. So it is nice to see some opera for a change every now and then.

Ballet VS Contemporary dance

Dancing is an incredibly beautiful art in most cases. Whether a royal ballet or a street style in urban slums, dance attracts all kinds of people. Contemporary dance is one of the latest styles that developed fast and became popular in Europe and America. Having originated from ballet and modern dance, it looks both graceful and refined of rules and stereotypes.
Unlike the contemporary dance, ballet is very old and classical. It is full of an old-fashioned beauty with full makeup, luxurious costumes, grand settings, and well-known plots. This is very conservative sort of dance that preserved classical cannons in everything it contains. Its grace and beauty remain attractive even now when many more new dances have developed.
There are multiple features that differentiate ballet from the contemporary dance. In brief, contemporary is not as pompous and elated as ballet. But it only makes the contemporary dance more natural, humane, and up-to-date.

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School vouchers are also called opportunity vouchers. These are state-funded scholarships with the help of which a student can attend a private school rather than a public school. The government is going to cover expenses for studying in such a way.

What it interesting to know is that such practice has first started in Vermont and Maine 140 years ago. They have ongoing programs for those students who do not have public schools in their area. Thus, the state government provides funding for such kids which allows them to study at private schools, get useful knowledge and use all those opportunities that the school offers.

Among those groups who fall under the category of voucher recipients are: low-income students, students that are currently attending chronically low performing schools, foster care students, students from military families and students with disabilities.

In the US 13 states, District of Columbia and Douglas County School District in Colorado provide the opportunity to make use of school voucher programs. This program gives the ability to gain knowledge and work towards goals. A lot of children that come from socially unprotected strata are deprived of the opportunity to study. Yet, this program allows them to do so. More useful information regarding school vouchers can be found at …

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